Dimensional numbers

The scope of applications of dynamic numbers is unlimited because all objects have internal and external variable properties that can be regarded as internal deformations of that object. All accumulations, all sets are junctions of these numbers that form deformed continua. Junctions have a property that without simplifications they are not interchangeable because even equal numbers because of deformations are not equal. To manipulate them interchanging, dividing is impossible. This means that mathematics can occur only in resonance layers where we have structures of identical deformations.
The question is what can we do with such continua? Since the main concept is deformation, we can analyze this aspect, trying to find instruments for this purpose. The main operations go to number tables that are used to describe inhomogeneities or gradient maps of displacements. Also, there are such important concepts as “resonances”, “the same level”, “symmetry”, such operations as compression and …

New Physics

The term black physics is rather rare in the world of world wide web. All the air is given to the conventional physics which is taught at school and university. However, this is not the only physics because there is also its hidden form, related to transhumanist technologies, exotic propulsion systems or psychotronic weapons. Secret physics differs from its public form by the fact that it has a different basis and explains realin (sensory picture) from a different perspective. To discover and understand black physics, you should change your mind at its basis.
What is this usual mind like? At its center we have an event, which occurs because of movement of the matter. Movement causes change, change gives rise to difference, and the appearance of the difference is called an event. Since all events are caused by movement, I call them reonomous. This is a Greek word which means "related to stream, flow". This form of movement has to pass every intermediary point, to get from A to…

Possibility and fact

According to general understanding, science has to be based on facts, while everything that opposes them is equaled to fantasies, an imitation of science. Few would have confidence to reject this statement, neither have I, however I offer another option: to show broader context, an expanded notion of fact. In the quest of understanding reality broader thinking is always more effective than narrower and shallower. I will start with the general picture and then delve deeper into details. Again, I will be using the style of synopsis, which has to be complemented with your own information.
In addition to facts, there are possibilities, to understand which is equally important. This idea can be explained by an example of the relation between a route and a map. The map shows all the territory, all possible routes, therefore it is the sum of all possibilities. The concrete travelled route, all points or segments, are facts. We can see that the scope of possibilities is always broader than the…